Incorporated on October 29, 1889 by George W. McAllister and Albert R. Heilig, the Olympic Land, Loan, and Trust company owned the land that was surveyed and platted as the townsite of Midland.  The primary purpose for platting the townsite was to use as a right of way for the Tacoma and Puyallup Railroad which was incorporated one week earlier on October 22, 1889, with McAllister as the corporate secretary.

McAllister was also a corporate officer for the Puyallup Valley Railway Company, the railroad that was denied permission by the Puyallup Indian Tribe to build a railroad across the Puyallup Indian Reservation.  The townsite of the Midland Plat is the culmination of the failure to be granted permission.

Albert R. Heilig was Ezra Meeker’s attorney.


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